Where to buy Longboard or Skate in Moscow

16 июня
BARRACUDA Longboards BARRACUDA Longboars Barracuda Longboards

If You have arrived to Russia and is necessary to you Longboard, then we will be happy to help You to buy a Skate or Longboard. You can choose the World Brand, but in it there is no sense. we have excellent longboards which completely made in Russia. These longboards are hand made and very cool look. You will have not only qualitative deck, but also an excellent souvenir. Also don't forget that it is the best gift to the friend from Russia. We do everything - from a choose set of wood to laying in epoxy sandwich. Each deck used two layers of fiber glass. Our longboards look is very strong and nice. Welcome to BARRACUDA Longboard Team.

BARRACUDA LONGBOARDS - http://100ika.ru/katalog/barracuda/

Barracuda Longboards
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